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Posted on 12/10/2009

There's loads, probably millions, of sex tube type video sites out there on the interweb but not too many that specialize in videos of webcam girls so I picked up the domain name and thought I'd try putting one together.

The design will probably totally change as will th engine running it in the near future, but it already has loads of videos of gorgous webcam girls online.

Soon I intend allowing users to upload captured videos and photos but only of webcam girls. There are plenty of other sites out there if you want to submit other niche-porn-type-stuff.

Of course i couldn't create a blog entry without some tits of some description so here you go...

This is xINESCUDNAx from LiveJasmin . If you want any more info you'll have to go to her profile on LiveJasmin or TiBOD for now...

xINESCUDNAx Profile PhotoxINESCUDNAx Profile Photo

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Livejasmin Freechat Blowjob from JamesAndNaomi

Posted on 10/20/2009

You may have read that recently I found out that LiveJasmin allows Full Nudity in Freechat . That was quite an eye opener to to me I cani tell you Well... the other day I was seeing who was online and found Naomi from jamesandnaomi

giving James (or whatever the fuck their real names are) a Blowjob in Freechat !

JamesAndNaomi Profile PhotoJamesAndNaomi Profile Photo

I'm not quite sure what the rules are as far as what they can and can't do in Freechat , so I'm not sure if this was a mistake or if they meant to do it in the hope that one of the wankers who was watching would take them private and want something more!

The guy looks a bit like he's asleep. Either way I think he got the best deal here!

Their profile seems quite empty but I'm not sure if they're new performers or not. I know I will be checking JamesAndNaomi often to checkout their FreeChat in the future

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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Smoking Hot Free Show from Webcam Girl CristalCrown

Posted on 10/08/2009

I wanted top write something about a new webcam girl on my blog today but couldn't think of any models I really wanted to write about. So... I had a look through who was online on LiveJasmin . Lucky for me CristalCrown was lying there in her freechat wearing nothing more than a brite pink dress slash top made of see-thru fishnet stocking type stuff.

CristalCrown PhotoCristalCrown Photo

Now I'm not going to say she's one of the most attractive webcam girls I've ever seen because she's not, but sometimes nudity can make a girl just look better! (and of course blood rushing away from your brain!) You could already see where her pubes would have been if she hadn't shaved, the top of her pussy lips

and her nipples through her dress and then a very odd thing happened... Guys started sending her surprises (which are tips) and she gave a naked free chat show!! Of course it would be unfair of me not to have captured this! So here is a short clip...

Tip: if you don't chat with girls in freechat without actually becoming a member then every few minutes you get kicked out of freechat which can be a bit inconvenient sometimes!

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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Posted on 10/02/2009

I know absolutely nothing about this girl SinfulSeduction apart from the fact that she looks sexylicious (sorry... I went all Austin Powers there for a second) in this 5 minute video of her toying with her naked body and that I would rather like to cum on her lovely tits too crude!?!?

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LiveJasmin Girl: Just18SquirtX - Teaser Video

Posted on 09/22/2009

I was justy browing some affiliate content and found a free video of Just18SquirtX ! Nothing too amazing but worth watching to see hoiw cute she really is

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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Free Nude Webcam Show from DanyHot

Posted on 09/15/2009

This entry will be short and sweet, but at least include a video. I just logged onto to have a look who was online and noticed that danyhot must have been pvt on another site but forgot to log out of Free Chat on ! It does happen from time to time and I'm sure almost every model has done it, when they were first starting out. A friend of mine managed to give a raunchy naked free show on one site, where was in fact not even in a naked girls category but just a cutesy making friends one!

So as you can see I just happened to capture it for you! well, at least all I saw anyway. That's all for now as I was going to write a blog item on the increase in girls working on webcams these days, but a video is always nice

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Free Video from

Posted on 09/12/2009

There is one webcam sex site that I don't know too much about (ok, probably loads, but...) which is odd when you consider the name I guess I always just assumed it would be part of the Streamray - network but it seems not!

I've only just found these videos that I cam embed here, so expect to find more here soon. I think this first girl is pretty cute. She doesn't do anything too fantastic in this video but she does have a lovely pair of tits and a nice small pussy - shaved of course. And at least pretends to masterbate! Even if not very convincingly!

This second girl is called SexyMelena and you can find her profile on the site too. All she does is act cute and naked and quite frankly that's good enough for me Definately a cute and brunette theme going on here...

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Webcam Girl: 19HoTLADY

Posted on 05/26/2009

As I haven't written much here recently i thought I had better some real thought into this one! and hey... I've even captured and put a video for you here! I was in looking on yesterday and for some reason this half naked girl in free chat caught my attention! 19HotLADY


She seemed a bit trigger happy when it came to pasting those pre-defined messages as many girls seem to do, but when she said:


...she really wasn't kidding! Of course joining a girls fanclub as a totally new member is realy win-win for everyone. secret hint of the day when you join a girls fanclub or have your first private with a girl as a new member she makes more money from you! You will then be her Bounty Member . The really good side of it is that girls really do take notice of guys (who's text is) in black because they want you to sign up! anyway... checkout the vid...

She claims she is Brigitta (Brigitta!? really? lol) from London, but hey who knows...! Her profile isn't really worth reading too much unless you want to try and work out how much of it she stole from 22HotBrunette ! So instead here are a couple more of her predefined messages that she kept pasing into her free chat every 20 seconds...

19hotlady: sound,zoom, 5 toys,10 fingers, ANAL,FIST and DP 4 fans,only15 No such file or directory isssssssssss FANCLUB, do it now,JOIN! and OMG price ONLY 1.79!

19hotlady: NEW members to CAMS COM, press the big ADD FUNDS button like you d spank my ass right now and u get 10,join fan for and you see all my nude hawwwt shows FREE ,dont make me wait boysi


Hope you like the photos of her all close up and personal . She seemed pretty sweet in free chat but alas I had no credits for a pvt...

Personally I also really like the photos at the top of her clothes modelling... not often you can have a pvt with a real model model!


Now I've worked out how to create flash videos I'll make sure to create some more and put them here...

OOPS! just realised I had a bug in my new video plugin which I've just fixed, that caused her photos to not show...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Webcam Girl 22HotBrunette: Quick Video

Posted on 04/09/2009

This is just a quick video of 22HotBrunette that I thought worth posting here:

Looks like this clip was made a while ago. Personally I think she just keeps getting better and better!

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