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Ms Foto Cute Bunny Naked By Her Tree

Posted on 12/20/2013

Ms Fotobunny put up our xmas tree and then wanted to dance naked. Far be it from me to not record it and share it with you all. Happy Xmas

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Cute Teen with Tiny Titties - Webcam Girl Arianna19 from Ukraine

Posted on 03/14/2010

Every now and again you find a webcam girl like Arianna19 is almost just too cute. Where butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, who you just can't believe you have the chance to get naked and in real life probably wouldn't do even 10% of what she's willing to do on her webcam. Well, for me anyway, this Ukrainian cutie is such a girl.

And before anyone wants to ask Exactly where in Russia is Ukraine? It's not! It's possibly the country with the highest percentage of total babes in the whole world...

If I met her in real life I'm pretty sure I would fall her, get all mushy and hence into a lot of trouble. Thankfully though this is not real life. She's on the other end of a webcam, and for a few dollars I can take her for a private , get her naked, make her play with herself and ask her to act out all my dirty fantasties, hehe...

I can only imagine how soft her lips must be (and yes I mean around the end of my penis) or how her pussy must taste. There are still certain limits to webcam technology at the moment! Maybe one day they'll add taste-o-vision once they've perfected 3D .

I know there's a lot of photos here but I couldn't decide which ones to leave out, so tough, you'll just have to scroll a bit harder... These next ones are where I found her in her freechat. Suddenly 50% of the blood from my head transferred itself to my other head, which was suddenly very awake.

Possibly only seeing her face only added to the tantalizing possibility of getting her naked sometime. Too often you see webcam girls with legs spread (the standard webcam girl pose) wearing see-thru panties. Don't get me wrong; it's a very good pose! But at the same time makes an utterley gorgeous teen cutie like Arianna19 , just sitting there as good as gold not showing off anything at all, so unusual and tempting.

I can just imagine her telling her boyfriend that he can't touch her there and that she's not that sort of girl while a few hours later here she is really to strip for you and play with her pussy. Maybe she's a dirty girl in real life, who knows... The point is that most webcam girls are just normal girls, they don't put out in real any more than other girls just because of what they do on a webcam. So there's every chance of finding a girl on a sexcam leading a very double life... More chance than her turning out to be an actual-life-whore anyway. In fact I don't know of any girls who work as escorts or strippers in real life. Webcamming is just fun, sexy, otherwise separated from their real lives...

I enjoy my girlfriend working on her webcam and I like other guys watching her. I would not let her work as a stripper, lap-dancer, escort or anything else you can think of in the sex industry. I won't even let her have nude photo sessions with other photographers. Getting naked on webcam is totally difference from those jobs. My girlfriend is as cute as pie in real life, but she can be your dirty slut or a daddy's girl on webcam if that's your fantasy and I reckon that Arianna19 is the same sort of girl...

I was thinking that Arianna19 looked too cute and sweet for me to spoil it by posting some naked photos of her... then I thought ah - fuck it! . To keep my conscence somewhat clear though, I have reduced the size of the nude photos a bit


Posted by | tags livejasmin cute brunette | Posted on 03/14/2010 Webcam Girl Yumi Kai

Posted on 11/20/2009

Yumi Profile PhotoYumi Profile Photo

Well, this post is really two posts as I've found that Yumi is this months Penthouse Pet ! And as an added bonus I'll hardly be saying a thing - just lots of piccies!

Click on any of these first hardcore photos of this naughty little minx of a webcam girl to get to her Profile or the last two photos go straight to her Penthouse Pet Gallery

Yumi Profile PhotoYumi Profile Photo

Just in case you've forgotten already (with all that blood rushing from your brain and all...) these last two photos take you straight to the gallery on fotobunny...

Yumi Profile PhotoYumi Profile Photo

One last link.... here's her profile on

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Hot MissBrunette Webcam Cutie from LiveJasmin

Posted on 11/13/2009

MissBrunette's Profile PhotosMissBrunette's Profile Photos

Just a few photos of LiveJasmin Webcam Girl MissBrunette on her sexy cam. I went to see what webcam cuties

were online on and found her sitting there in with a cute bow in her hair and wearing some sexy stockings and not much else. You can probably work out how the next few minutes went...

Anyway... I thought I should at least put some photos of her here for your viewing pleasure...

MissBrunette's Profile PhotosMissBrunette's Profile Photos


shaved, piercing, stockings, anal_sex, dildo, vibrator, love_balls, striptease, dancing, smoke_cigarette, squirt, zoom, roleplay, fingering, live_orgasm, oil

MissBrunette's Profile PhotosMissBrunette's Profile Photos

Ok... not exactly a review, in fact not much of anything, but still more text than you find on some webcam blog sites! lol

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Yummy YummyCandy with Lovely Tits from LiveJasmin

Posted on 10/25/2009

YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos

My girlfriend had a massive 4 hour pvt tonight! and she kept her panties on for the entire pvt! I was a little surprised that she managed to keep her panties on and to tell you the truth a little dissappointed! So it just goes to show, sometimes guys just want to chat to a semi-naked gorgeous girl sometimes... and yep, she is gorgeous (I am a tiny bit biased of course! )

Anyway... enough of other guys getting my own girlfriend naked (sounds odd when I put it that way) and onto me looking at other naked girls...

YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos

Every time I've gone into YummyCandy19 's chatroom she is always smiling which is not always easy... She has lovely tits that (let's be honest) look perfect for a tit wank She doesn't say too much so I'm not sure how good her english is. It was light outside her window just now when I saw her in freechat and it's light here, so i guess she's somewhere in europe. Plus she looks eastern european anyway.

YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos

I thought this review that someone had added was quite funny:

She does everything listed on her page!
Super cute young girl leaves no hole untouched.

So of course i went to her page to see what she does do but didn't find anything too interesting

She does have a teaser video available so I thought I'd include it here. It's only about a minute long but does give you a good idea of what she looks like. She does have quite a large bottom, but I guess overall she is quite curvy anyway

She looks just like a girl-next-door (if you lived in russia or somewhere anyway) which is what I like most about webcam models ... being able to get a girl naked and get nasty with some toys who wouldn't dream of ever becoming an escort or stripper . Maybe her boyfriend has no idea about her job at all or maybe he quite likes it like me

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Ultimate CamGirl Babe from

Posted on 10/09/2009

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

I found this webcam girls site today when she requested a link to her site from mine. Her site is really cool, loads of info about her and lots of sexy naked photos . I'm pretty sure she won't mind me posting some smaller versions here for some extra exposure

As well as working on a variety of sites (some I hadn't even heard of) she also does independant work which means she'll get naked and give you a private sex show using an instant messenger like skype This is a win-win sitation for her and us punters really. We get much cheaper show compared with using a mainstream webcam sex site and she earns more money as she gets all the money.

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

from her site...

Love almost anything, starting from playing with my toys in all holes i have , and going up to role plays in my outfits and all kind of festishes

Now thats my kind of naughty webcam girl ! She does have gorgeous dark eyes that look great with her long sleep dark hair. I'm also quite partial to her little landing strip . My girlfriend has tried that a few times rather than being 100% shaved and it's quite sexy...

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

I'm finding it a bit difficult to concentrate right now as my girlfriend has just taken her panties off for a guy in a private Once you get over the fact that thousands of guys will see your girlfriend naked it's actually quite cool! It may only be work for her but I actually find it quite a turn on


from her contact page

If you don t wanna use one of my links to register as a member on the sites i work on , u can always write me email and set up a show appointament with me, we can use few different payment methodes and we can have our time on yahoo , eyeball or msn ...

She also mentions offering a free phone in addition to webcam no matter where you are. I've never used the phone with a webcam girl before but I'm sure it would make the whole experience that much more intimate.

Even better though is that she offers to make your own custom photos and videos ! I have a few thoughts running round my head at the moment of what I might like to get her to wear and do in the photos!

Ultimate CamGirl BabeUltimate CamGirl Babe

So you could seek her out on ImLive or the other sites that she works on, but personally I would just go straight to her contact page and get in direct contact. Much more sexy anyway...

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Tartan Slutty Schoolgirl: ILikeDeep

Posted on 10/07/2009

I noticed her on today when she was dancing on her bed, flicking her cute little tartan schoolgirl skirt in the air and playing with her white top. I made a quick recording that I should post here too.

Unfortunately she didn't chat with anyone in the room, so I can only guess she was chatting to someone on some other site. Shame... so I'll have to try and find her again sometime. Create a Free Account on

and then you can add her to your Favourites List

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

She's pretty cute little webcam girl isn't she? But don't worry, she's not so shy! From these first two photos you might be mistaken for thinking that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth

and I'm pretty sure it would, but I know what I would rather she had in her mouth

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

Her little ass looks fantastic half covered by her short tartan skirt and her pussy does look good enough to eat (or at least lick anyway) Even with her legs spread far apart her pussy lips look as tight as ever.

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

Here she is all oiled up and ready to go! It's a real shame that I didn't get to see the end of her amazing dissappearing panty trick ! As I'm sure she managed to push those panties completely inside her pussy. I watched my gf do it once while working, quite impressive!

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

Often girls fake pushing their toys inside themselves and most of the time we don't notice or care but there's no faking going on in these last 2 photos. If she can let go of the toy and it stays in... then it must be in!

Slutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeepSlutty Schoolgirl ILikeDeep

I do love to see a girl doggie style with a cute tartan skirt surrounding her ass...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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LiveJasmin Girl: Just18SquirtX - Teaser Video

Posted on 09/22/2009

I was justy browing some affiliate content and found a free video of Just18SquirtX ! Nothing too amazing but worth watching to see hoiw cute she really is

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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LiveJasmin Girl: Just18SquirtX - Sexy, Cute and Quite Squirty

Posted on 09/21/2009

Wow I just saw this webcam girl on LiveJasmin and she is fantastic! Very cute with a perfect body, gorgeous smile and lovely little tartan skirt !

LiveJasmin Model just18squirtx PhotosLiveJasmin Model just18squirtx Photos

If you're into squirting then she might just be the girl for you, here's one review I found in her profile:

Just18Squirt is sweet with a gorgeous face and figure to match. Private is well worth it. She will indeed squirt for you, so don't be in a rush in private, take your time treat her well enjoy yourself and let her squirt for you - its well worth it!

Five Stars!

Personally I don't see what the attraction is of squirting , of basically watching a girl piss themselves but each to their own! And this next photos is maybe an indication that she really can. Just if you do have a pvt with her, don't expect her to be able to squirt within 2 minutes flat if all you want is a quickie!

LiveJasmin Model just18squirtx PhotosLiveJasmin Model just18squirtx Photos

And here's another squirty review:

If you like squirting you gotta try Janny.

As said, take your time with her and you will be well rewarded.

A real sweetheart.

But anyway... squirting aside! She is really cute, great body and nice and chatty in her freechat. In my oponion LiveJasmin

has by far the best video quality out there, which must be something to do with it being ranked #1 . So it's also quite lucky that they also have some of the best girls. I don't know if she works anywhere else, TiBOD only came up with a handful of matches for Just18 anyway, and it really doesn't matter as you'll probably get best value for your money with Just18SquirtX on LiveJasmin anyway.

LiveJasmin Model just18squirtx PhotosLiveJasmin Model just18squirtx Photos

If she does squirt for you, I just hope she has a shower straight away afterwards... And by the way, if squirting is your thing you'll find over 300 models who mention it in their profiles on TiBOD

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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Free Nude Webcam Show from DanyHot

Posted on 09/15/2009

This entry will be short and sweet, but at least include a video. I just logged onto to have a look who was online and noticed that danyhot must have been pvt on another site but forgot to log out of Free Chat on ! It does happen from time to time and I'm sure almost every model has done it, when they were first starting out. A friend of mine managed to give a raunchy naked free show on one site, where was in fact not even in a naked girls category but just a cutesy making friends one!

So as you can see I just happened to capture it for you! well, at least all I saw anyway. That's all for now as I was going to write a blog item on the increase in girls working on webcams these days, but a video is always nice

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Tammy123 beats 22HotBrunette in the Fan Club stakes!

Posted on 07/19/2009

I remember it was only a couple of years ago when WOW has the most fan club members on but then it was 22HotBrunette and it looked like she would be number one until she retired... but not any more! A friend of mine who models on

pointed out last night over a few beers that the new queen of the Fan Club's on is none other than Tammy123

I can't say that Tammy123 is one of my favourites, but she's online pretty much all the time (in fact I just saw that she's online at the moment) is always nice and friendly so I'm sure she deserves to have so many fanclub members. For any newbies out there, joining a models Fan Club lets you watch as many recorded shows as you like and lets you contact the model via the internal mail system. You also save money on any pvt's you have with her, but the amount you save is set by the model (it used to be a fixed percentage).

Enough of my waffling, here's the models with the biggest Fan Clubs on :



The Winner Is!...


627 Fan Club Members


Age: 47
Sign: Cancer
Bra Size: 36DD
Height: 5 ft 2 in / 158-159 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 49 kg
Eye Color: Blue eyes
Hair Color: Blonde Hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Preference: Prefer not to say
Favorite Position: Doggie Style
Languages: English
In close(ish) second place...


543 Fan Club Members

I enjoy cam2cam becouse seeing u stroking for me makes me soo excited.

Bra Size: 34D
Height: 5 ft 7 in / 170-172 cm
Weight: 115 lbs/ 52 kg
Smoker: By Request
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Preference: Straight
Favorite Position: Doggie Style
Languages: English



Dropping down to Third Place is...


482 Fan Club Members

I like to know what REALLY turns you on, your fantasies..

Age: 25
Birthday: June 20
Sign: Gemini
Bra Size: 34C
Height: 5 ft 5 in / 165-167 cm
Weight: 110 lbs / 49 kg
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Hair Color: Black Hair
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Preference: Straight
Favorite Position: Doggie Style
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Webcam Girl: 19HoTLADY

Posted on 05/26/2009

As I haven't written much here recently i thought I had better some real thought into this one! and hey... I've even captured and put a video for you here! I was in looking on yesterday and for some reason this half naked girl in free chat caught my attention! 19HotLADY


She seemed a bit trigger happy when it came to pasting those pre-defined messages as many girls seem to do, but when she said:


...she really wasn't kidding! Of course joining a girls fanclub as a totally new member is realy win-win for everyone. secret hint of the day when you join a girls fanclub or have your first private with a girl as a new member she makes more money from you! You will then be her Bounty Member . The really good side of it is that girls really do take notice of guys (who's text is) in black because they want you to sign up! anyway... checkout the vid...

She claims she is Brigitta (Brigitta!? really? lol) from London, but hey who knows...! Her profile isn't really worth reading too much unless you want to try and work out how much of it she stole from 22HotBrunette ! So instead here are a couple more of her predefined messages that she kept pasing into her free chat every 20 seconds...

19hotlady: sound,zoom, 5 toys,10 fingers, ANAL,FIST and DP 4 fans,only15 No such file or directory isssssssssss FANCLUB, do it now,JOIN! and OMG price ONLY 1.79!

19hotlady: NEW members to CAMS COM, press the big ADD FUNDS button like you d spank my ass right now and u get 10,join fan for and you see all my nude hawwwt shows FREE ,dont make me wait boysi


Hope you like the photos of her all close up and personal . She seemed pretty sweet in free chat but alas I had no credits for a pvt...

Personally I also really like the photos at the top of her clothes modelling... not often you can have a pvt with a real model model!


Now I've worked out how to create flash videos I'll make sure to create some more and put them here...

OOPS! just realised I had a bug in my new video plugin which I've just fixed, that caused her photos to not show...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Webcam Girl: FallInLove

Posted on 05/14/2009

Finally some free time to write about another web cam model ... I added FallInLove to my ToDo

list a while back... I just think she looks so cute with her puppy dog eyes!


She has ratings of 9.9/10 across for the board for Appearance and Good Show , etc, which is a good starting point! Her profile is a bit empty so I guess she would rather remain an enigma.

Boo! The bad girl hungry wolf here. Do not enter, i am gonna eat you Im so naughty... I cant keep my hands off... of myself.


She doesn't say where she is from, but personally I would place a reasonably large bet on her being Romanian . If she had mentioned being able to speak Italian I would ber 100% certain. Tip of the day... if a model says she is Italian, she is most likely from Romania...

She doesn't seem to use toys in her nude chat's, but all bets are off regarding her pvt's as I haven't had one with her. I'm trying to justify to my girlfriend that I should be allowed to have private's every now and again purely for research purposes! The jury is still out on that one...


She's been voted best Model of the Day 11 times which is not bad. She only has 34 fan club members at the moment, which I find surprising, though maybe not as surprising as that 22HotBrunette now has 600 fan club members! yup! 600 ! I noticed that today.

I'm sure I will have a pvt with FallInLove but I suspect all I might want to do is have a chat... of course I'll ask her to get naked first - I'm not totally stupid!


With eyes so big and cute smile like that I bet her pussy tastes like french vanilla ice-cream ...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Five Free Frisky Foto Galleries

Posted on 04/30/2009

Gallery 1

Gorgeous blonde. I would guess these photos are quite old as I'm sure I saw them a long time ago. Of course... there must be some reason why I remember her though! 16 photos.
Gallery 2

Really sweet looking girl, the kind of girl you would take home to see your mum. Of course that is assuming she doesn't pull her pussy lips apart and then shove a dildo inside as she does here! 15 photos
Gallery 3

Sexy brunette with gorgeous long straight hair. Nice big tits, cute face and plays with a very red dildo in a couple of the piccies. 17 photos.
Gallery 4

Nice, shy looking, blonde getting naked on her sofa. keeps her stripey cardigan on, but it's ok... as it isn't done up! 17 photos.
Gallery 5

Sultry brunette undressing on her bed. Eyebrows maybe a bit too trimmed? but her pussy is trimmed perfectly (completely!) 16 photos.

Not too many photos here, but you may well find them satisfying enough. And hell... they're free!

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Webcam Girl: Erica18 from

Posted on 04/30/2009

This is a post for guys who love cute teens . I'll be honest and tell you right now that I don't know all much about her but I would love to find out more about this webcam girl! ...having seen her photos!


So... she is Erica18 . She says she's already 19 so still a teenager (just! ). Of course I don't think Erica is her real name. Webcam models don't often let us knows their real names and she looks very Russian to me. Plus... are there really many girls called Erica in Russia? I don't think so...


Anyway, personally I more care about the girl than what country she is or isn't from! I'm definately going to take her private sometime but not her president. I never really liked Putin , LOL , but this girl is really nice! She has a pretty face and a nice little slim body. Not much in the way of breasts but you might even like that as it makes her look even younger


She doesn't tell us much about herself in her bio, all she wants us to know is her turn-ons :

nice funny people who are in my fan club and who easy agree for pvt. i like hot games like secretary/boss,student/teacher and so on

I went through all her nude chat photos (a few times!) but didn't notice her using any toys but she currently has 71 fan club member so her fans don't seam to complain. or of course, she maybe only uses toys in a pvt . I guess it's only possible to find out more about her by joining her in her chatroom, which is what I will be doing in the near future


EDIT ok... I'm either blind, stupid or a combination of both. She does have some more information in her profile! here's the hilights!

im funny girl who love have fun with such piople like me... join me

Free photos of personal life(you want more?ok!i send you maybe

Sound, Heels, oil, lingerie, stockings and more more more! Put body oil over my body in PVT

And check this out! , she knows oodles of languages! She must be a fookin' cunning linquist! (ok... an old joke, but still funny)

English, Korean, French, Tagalog, German, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese), Italian, Spanish, Russian

At least Russian is in there! So I might just be right about where she is from? maybe?

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Jenya D with her Big Beautiful... Eyes! lol

Posted on 04/23/2009

She is not a webcam model but she's definitely worth mentioning here. Some of you must know her already and for those ones who doesn't... you haven't lived if you haven't seen this beauty...

Jenya D and her big assetsJenya D and her big assets

She's a very attractive brunette girl with great body and big natural tits. Playboy's girl of the month, but currently only in her own country. She's also one of met-art's top 10 models.

I don't think i need to explain what is met-art do I??? Ok, if you are not joking and really don't know...

MET (Most Erotic Teens)-Art is the biggest site with tasteful professional erotic photos. There are thousands of photosets and a few hundred videos of stunning girls from all over the world. Of course there are not just teens (I don't think you would like your favorite models to be fired after they got to 20 ) but all the models are young and pretty and fully naked, which is pretty important too .

Jenya D, Ukrainian BabeJenya D, Ukrainian Babe

Anyway... finally something about webcams! (hope the link isn't too tenous...)

MET-Art has a related website where you can see the same stunning girls live. Some of them only work on webcams and some actually do photosets for MET-Art too. And metmodels girls make few free public shows for MET-Art members daily.

Actually, this is kind of an important point... If you are a member of you can join in for FOUR HOURS OF FREE NUDE WEBCAM CHAT every day! sorry for shouting there, but I thought it was worth shouting about! These are not hardcore nude chats, but they are very nude and very sexy... (I'll try and put some more info and screen shots here from some shows tomorrow)

Finally back to our Jenya....

There are really 3 reasons why she's so popular: Firstly she has a very cute smile and the 2 other reasons you can see yourself

A little more about her:

Her real name is Evgenia or just Jenya

She is from Ukraine

She was born 30th of March 1983

Her height is 5'5 (167 cm)

Her weight is 105lbs (49kg)

She has black hair and green eyes

Jenya D, Ukrainian BabeJenya D, Ukrainian Babe

I'm not sure about her bra size but i think photos describe it better then some silly numbers And on you can see her totally unwrapped Maybe you can see some special feelings for her in my post. All I can say for that... Yes i'm definitely in love with her and specially her amazing TITS eyes

I have two photo galleries of her to add to my site, which hopefully I'll do tomorrow.

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Webcam Girl Ducky: Your Future Sexretary

Posted on 04/21/2009

Here we have an extremely hot Czech brunette girl who is looking for a job as a secretary. She says she's Angelina and that she's 22.

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?

Not convinced yet? You haven't seen her experience list! This is what she says about herself:

my field of experience is not small;) I like paper work and when I must stay late and you come behind me, look at what I am doing, start to touch my sexy ass, down my legs and back to my ass, it is so easy to take off my panties... Hmmm great paper work... What do u think? Or when I am making a call, I spread my legs, and you can see that I'm not wearing panties today, just teasing you... Or when I have to copy any papers, I sit on the copier and copy my ass and sweet pink tight pussy, and put it behind papers that you wanted ;) Or when we just end our work and we are so horny, I spread my legs on my work desk just for you so we can cum together.......

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?

I don't have any company but i'm ready to create one only to have her as a secretary! FotoBunny Inc.

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?

She often works behind the desk or on the desk. You are a boss so you decide... If you have some special requirements about her work outfit you have a lot to choose from. You can ask her about any kind of clothes or underwear, stockings or heels... She's always wearing glasses, that I personaly find very sexy.

She's very professional at using many types of toys and beads... Like every good secretary she's very smiley, chatty, polite and seams to love her work! She really loves it a lot so often takes some work home with her.

Then she's working lying on her bed in underwear but still wearing those sexy glasses. And of course she wouldn't mind her boss visitting her to check if she's doing everything right.

secretary or sexretary?secretary or sexretary?

So if you have a job for her in your company you can meet her on and invite her for a interview...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Webcam Girl Sugar19: *New* and Cute, Cute, Cute!

Posted on 04/18/2009

WOW ... I haven't seen this girl before and as she only has just over 2 pages of nude chat photos I guess she must be pretty new.

cute, cute, cute...cute, cute, cute...

Did I mention that she was cute!? Ah... I think I did. Nothing too naughty available in her nude chat photos so I think I might just have to join her Fan Club or maybe just have a pvt with her. I'm dying to see what she will do in pvt!

cute, cute, cute...cute, cute, cute...

She seemed really sweet in Free Chat but it wasn't long before she went to nude chat and I had no credits to go there with her!

Well, I had to add her to my favourites list on so I will check in with her again and report back here with any new details and photos!

cute, cute, cute...cute, cute, cute...

Ah... her bio page has suddenly disappeared... my guess is that she has been banned temporarily, but hopefully she'll have her status restored by the time you read this.

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Webcam Girl Lollypop19: My girlfriend's favorite

Posted on 04/10/2009

Ok lets continue with cam girls

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

As she says, her name is Jenny, living in Russia and her age changes from 20 to 22 (maybe depends of her mood lol). Anyway looks much younger. She's the kind of girl I used to dream about when I was at school. Well I still wouldn't mind inviting her home for a cup of tea

Very cute face and fit body. Quite small breasts but even so she's got many things to catch your eye, just have a look! The view form behindis amazing!

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

She says about thing that turns her on:

Bubble baths and naughty talk =)

But she doesn't actually talk all that much. Can't say if that's a good thing or bad. Maybe she prefers action more? Or maybe she's just too lazy to type. But she's definitely not too lazy to work for her money. Isn't that what we are looking for? she has audio and a few very cute colorful toys...

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

Some more things to know about her in case one day you invite her for tea...

I like nice hot showers..together, a toasty warm bed, my special *naughty time* here, massages are sooo great, warm breath on my neck, *giggle*, getting naked and doing filthy then....

Nothing unusual but still sounds sweet. Very nice that a girl calls it naughty time instead of work !

As sweet as a LollypopAs sweet as a Lollypop

I wish you lots of naughty time with Jenny

Oh nearly forgot... She also works on LiveJasmin with the name Vorgie19

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Webcam Girl 22HotBrunette: Quick Video

Posted on 04/09/2009

This is just a quick video of 22HotBrunette that I thought worth posting here:

Looks like this clip was made a while ago. Personally I think she just keeps getting better and better!

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Webcam Girl 22HotBrunette: Always Online!

Posted on 04/07/2009

Well, she's hot and brunette and though I doubt very much that she's 22 that really doesn't matter at all. Not that she doesn't look 22 of course, it's just that I never believe their ages in the first place and she has been online sometime now.

Oh... I just read her bio and see that she dosn't even claim to be 22 anyway!


Hey everyone, I m Anna, 24 y.o. from East Europe, Bulgaria .

I m a model here almost 2 years now, most of you guys know me already and wanted to thank you all for supporting me and for the good times spent together. I love my time here and I am online everyday, I kind of got addicted to it

Few things you should know :I like getting to know you a lil better before pvt ,makes it more personal but sometimes a quickie does the job also i guess

Hot and Brunnette, probably not 22Hot and Brunnette, probably not 22

Well I just checked and she now has 464 Fan Club Members! Wow! I'm not even going to try and work out how much she earns in a month, more than me that's for sure! lol... She's pretty expensive at 4.49/minute in private, in fact very expensive, but as she says:

Be sure that once you enter Pvt ,fan or non fan ,I will try my best to please you as long as you are reasonable

Fair enough then! Now I can't finish without mentioning that she is rather good at shoving in more than 1 toy at the same time, even in the same hole. Maybe that's why she has so many fans? Well, I guess it couldn't hurt... at least I hope not! I hope those toys are smaller than they look on webcam!

Hot and Brunnette and apparently now 24Hot and Brunnette and apparently now 24

If you can bear to look away from certain parts of her anatomy for a few seconds, you must admit that she is very attactive and has amazing eyes. Nice...

As if her age matters with photos like these!As if her age matters with photos like these!

Well... one thing I am totally sure of and that's that she deserves every penny (or dollar) that she earns! And one last last thing... I just checked and she is actually not online! About time!

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