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Chatting in a Webcam Girls Chatrooom can serioursly lower your Intellijence Level

Posted on 09/18/2009

I've just found a website that allows you to voyeur in on some models sessions for a few minutes (then you get kicked until the next day) which I'll post more about later. They also have a chat widget so you can chat with other guys who are peeking in at the same time as you.

I just wanted to share with you a snippet of the scintillating conversation we just had:

.shuf5130: mmmm sexi
.shuf6224: see you pussy zoom
.shuf5130: show pussy
.shuf6224: pussy zoom
.shuf6071: yes
.shuf6224: more zoom pussy
.shuf6071: u from
.shuf8205: anyone here want my stiff cock
.shuf5819: no thanks mate

and yes... I was shuf5819 ...

Posted by | tags boring wankers | Posted on 09/18/2009