Fotobunny: Yummy YummyCandy with Lovely Tits from LiveJasmin

Yummy YummyCandy with Lovely Tits from LiveJasmin

Posted on 10/25/2009

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My girlfriend had a massive 4 hour pvt tonight! and she kept her panties on for the entire pvt! I was a little surprised that she managed to keep her panties on and to tell you the truth a little dissappointed! So it just goes to show, sometimes guys just want to chat to a semi-naked gorgeous girl sometimes... and yep, she is gorgeous (I am a tiny bit biased of course! )

Anyway... enough of other guys getting my own girlfriend naked (sounds odd when I put it that way) and onto me looking at other naked girls...

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Every time I've gone into YummyCandy19 's chatroom she is always smiling which is not always easy... She has lovely tits that (let's be honest) look perfect for a tit wank She doesn't say too much so I'm not sure how good her english is. It was light outside her window just now when I saw her in freechat and it's light here, so i guess she's somewhere in europe. Plus she looks eastern european anyway.
YummyCandy19's Profile PhotosYummyCandy19's Profile Photos
I thought this review that someone had added was quite funny:
She does everything listed on her page!
Super cute young girl leaves no hole untouched.
So of course i went to her page to see what she does do but didn't find anything too interesting

She does have a teaser video available so I thought I'd include it here. It's only about a minute long but does give you a good idea of what she looks like. She does have quite a large bottom, but I guess overall she is quite curvy anyway

She looks just like a girl-next-door (if you lived in russia or somewhere anyway) which is what I like most about webcam models ... being able to get a girl naked and get nasty with some toys who wouldn't dream of ever becoming an escort or stripper . Maybe her boyfriend has no idea about her job at all or maybe he quite likes it like me

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