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Free Webcam Girls at

Posted on 09/24/2009

I was bored the other day so had a look to see if there was any domain names available with the word bunny in there somplace that i could register. I was quite surprised (but pleased) to find that was so of course I had to register it!

It's only a 1 page design for now but does show you thumbnails of the top webcam models from LiveJasmin who are online now. I wrote the php script that drives it for a friend and it seemed a waste not to use it myself! I suppose 3 sites is nearly the Fotobunny Network

The site will be developed over time with a bias to the best online webcam girls available.

Time to drop an affiliate link in... if anyone out there fancies becoming an adult webmaster and sign up under my affiliate id you would have access to the scripts I develop to save you reinventing the wheel. Also today LiveJasmin has just changed their program and is now offering 20% Lifetime Revenue for signups! Interested!?!?

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View Online Webcam Models from Any Webcam Site on TiBOD!

Posted on 09/22/2009

We have just started displaying a 7x3 grid of thumbnails of online performers randomly chosen from the sites we index on TiBOD 's home page. As well as this there are 4 more pages available that display up to 140 thumbnails either randomly chosen from all sites or from just one of them!

Take a look!

We hope to include PeekShows , Streammate and PrivateCamz very soon.

Hoping to make TiBOD the easiest place to find your perfect Webcam Girl

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LiveJasmin Girl: Just18SquirtX - Teaser Video

Posted on 09/22/2009

I was justy browing some affiliate content and found a free video of Just18SquirtX ! Nothing too amazing but worth watching to see hoiw cute she really is

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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LiveJasmin Girl: Just18SquirtX - Sexy, Cute and Quite Squirty

Posted on 09/21/2009

Wow I just saw this webcam girl on LiveJasmin and she is fantastic! Very cute with a perfect body, gorgeous smile and lovely little tartan skirt !

LiveJasmin Model just18squirtx PhotosLiveJasmin Model just18squirtx Photos

If you're into squirting then she might just be the girl for you, here's one review I found in her profile:

Just18Squirt is sweet with a gorgeous face and figure to match. Private is well worth it. She will indeed squirt for you, so don't be in a rush in private, take your time treat her well enjoy yourself and let her squirt for you - its well worth it!

Five Stars!

Personally I don't see what the attraction is of squirting , of basically watching a girl piss themselves but each to their own! And this next photos is maybe an indication that she really can. Just if you do have a pvt with her, don't expect her to be able to squirt within 2 minutes flat if all you want is a quickie!

LiveJasmin Model just18squirtx PhotosLiveJasmin Model just18squirtx Photos

And here's another squirty review:

If you like squirting you gotta try Janny.

As said, take your time with her and you will be well rewarded.

A real sweetheart.

But anyway... squirting aside! She is really cute, great body and nice and chatty in her freechat. In my oponion LiveJasmin

has by far the best video quality out there, which must be something to do with it being ranked #1 . So it's also quite lucky that they also have some of the best girls. I don't know if she works anywhere else, TiBOD only came up with a handful of matches for Just18 anyway, and it really doesn't matter as you'll probably get best value for your money with Just18SquirtX on LiveJasmin anyway.

LiveJasmin Model just18squirtx PhotosLiveJasmin Model just18squirtx Photos

If she does squirt for you, I just hope she has a shower straight away afterwards... And by the way, if squirting is your thing you'll find over 300 models who mention it in their profiles on TiBOD

Photos are © Live Jasmin

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Chatting in a Webcam Girls Chatrooom can serioursly lower your Intellijence Level

Posted on 09/18/2009

I've just found a website that allows you to voyeur in on some models sessions for a few minutes (then you get kicked until the next day) which I'll post more about later. They also have a chat widget so you can chat with other guys who are peeking in at the same time as you.

I just wanted to share with you a snippet of the scintillating conversation we just had:

.shuf5130: mmmm sexi
.shuf6224: see you pussy zoom
.shuf5130: show pussy
.shuf6224: pussy zoom
.shuf6071: yes
.shuf6224: more zoom pussy
.shuf6071: u from
.shuf8205: anyone here want my stiff cock
.shuf5819: no thanks mate

and yes... I was shuf5819 ...

Posted by | tags boring wankers | Posted on 09/18/2009 Webcam Girl: Prickle - Gone but not Forgotten

Posted on 09/17/2009

Well... there are two things odd with this posting. Firstly that I'm actually writing a webcam girl review after so long and secondly that this girl doesn't even work on webcam anymore!

She changed her profile just before leaving the site, but her profile used to say something along the lines of...

I will never take my panties off in pvt.

Why? Because it is not suitable for a young lady.

So with that I give you some photos of her! Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Photos

Of course you might notice something odd at this point... yep, she does take her panties off! These are only nude chat photos, so who knows what went on in her pvt's? Maybe more or maybe not.

The text in her profile that she left the site with is also quite interesting

Who am I? Just a flashback I had here much good time, meet some wonderful persons, but now it is time for me to leave. Ohh come on, don't show me that sad face. Sure it is pity I won't n't chance to talk to you, but it is million great things happens in my life, I don't want miss them while chatting with wankers Be good and remember me, and may be one day we will meet again

P.S. I would love to know you leave too, find good job, beautiful blonde and be happy in your life, but don't waste your time here We have only one life, are you sure you want live like this? Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Photos

I would place money on the fact that she did get naked when she first started working, but maybe realised due to her cute looks she could attract the kind of guy into her pvt's who was happy when she didn't get naked? These photos are old and so will have dropped off the normal set of nude chat photos available to her fans . What can I say, I hate to delete a good photo! Also, models have the ability to hide selected photos from display if they want to.

She left just less than a year ago (Oct 15th '08 according to her profile) and maybe she didn't expect her old naked photos to appear on the interweb?

So here's a lesson to any potential new webcam models ... once you'd worked as a naked model and your photos or videos are out there in the public domain, they are they to stay. On the other hand there is so much porn out there and so many photos of much higher quality the chance is really very very slim of anyone you know ever seeing them. Also you can always block people from your own location ever seeing you online working. Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Model prickle Nude Photos

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Number of Webcam Models on the rise

Posted on 09/16/2009

My brother pointed out today that even the BBC's Radio1 mentioned the increase in webcam girls due to the crappy global economy we find ourselves in right now.

Number of webcam models 'on the rise'14 Sep 2009 11:39 BST

A Newsbeat investigation's found a rising number of British women are working as webcam models on the internet.

Industry insiders say there's been a rise in applications, partly fuelled by the recession, with hundreds of British women signing up to UK websites each month, many more internationally.

The girls wear fancy underwear and headsets to talk to punters on the webcams. Lauren told Newsbeat she can make up to £30 per hour with bonuses.

"You can imagine, it is talking dirty. You know, if they ask me to take my top off, I will do."

Quite funny really... of course all she does do is take her top off when asked!? Some guys might want to chat to my gf for a bit before getting down and dirty (does that make me sound like a pimp!?!?) but often i've seen them say:

naked for me bb?

which is only slightly less creapy than:

hru bb wannaplay?

but at least they are paying, so almost anything goes at that point (within reason of course)

Which neatly brings me to a new feature I want to start on the site, which will be all about becoming a webcam model . My gf has only been doing it 3 years and when asked the first time (approached in the street) about it, she couldn't imagine doing it at all. It was only when a friend who was working as a webcam model explained the reality of it from a model 's point of view that she actually considered it.

I like to spend money on webcam girls but it's also nice to get some money back! So here to start the ball rolling are two links, if you reckon you might like to try, or even just find out more about becoming a webcam girl (or guy for that matter)

Click here to become a LiveJasmin performer

Or if you fancy you're hand at starting your own webcam based website that's good too!

If you signup using these links that contain my affiliate id (fotobunny) it won't cost you a cent but you will have access to me via email and instant messengers to help you signup and with any advice me and my gf can provide you with.

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Free Nude Webcam Show from DanyHot

Posted on 09/15/2009

This entry will be short and sweet, but at least include a video. I just logged onto to have a look who was online and noticed that danyhot must have been pvt on another site but forgot to log out of Free Chat on ! It does happen from time to time and I'm sure almost every model has done it, when they were first starting out. A friend of mine managed to give a raunchy naked free show on one site, where was in fact not even in a naked girls category but just a cutesy making friends one!

So as you can see I just happened to capture it for you! well, at least all I saw anyway. That's all for now as I was going to write a blog item on the increase in girls working on webcams these days, but a video is always nice

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Free Video from

Posted on 09/12/2009

There is one webcam sex site that I don't know too much about (ok, probably loads, but...) which is odd when you consider the name I guess I always just assumed it would be part of the Streamray - network but it seems not!

I've only just found these videos that I cam embed here, so expect to find more here soon. I think this first girl is pretty cute. She doesn't do anything too fantastic in this video but she does have a lovely pair of tits and a nice small pussy - shaved of course. And at least pretends to masterbate! Even if not very convincingly!

This second girl is called SexyMelena and you can find her profile on the site too. All she does is act cute and naked and quite frankly that's good enough for me Definately a cute and brunette theme going on here...

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Models Search Engine now indexing again

Posted on 09/11/2009

The Webcam Girls search engine that is should be working fully again now after the migration and upgrades. Ok... that makes it sound flasher than it really is, but I had a bunch of modifications to make and some performance issues to deal with. I am now able to update the list of models and their online status, etc, much more often and page load times should be better than they used to be.

Expect more improvments with the current implementation and performance in the coming weeks as well as extra functionality. My next job is to reindex photos for girls whose photos have gone out of date (thanks very much !)

Often girls work on many different sites, and sometimes it pays to choose the right site depending on what you want. For example you can send your webcam to the girl for free at LiveJasmin but not from and rates differ from site to site depending on whether you want a quickie or something a bit longer, so... I'd like to have the ability to link the same model 's profile from various sites and also link to other resources for the model , photos, videos, etc, across the interweb.

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Errotica Photos: Big Breasts or Small Breasts?

Posted on 09/08/2009



I thought while I was on a roll I should try and not be lazy and post a couple more galleries...

SO here you go. Jenni is naked in an outdoor pool right near the sea, which is either photoshopped or the bluest I have ever seen the sea... She has pretty much a perfect body with perfect smallish breasts. Cute face and lovely blonde hair. Call me picky if you like, but... while she does have a lovely pussy it's a bit flappy towards the (her) bottom.

On the other hand... Cathy has mahoosive bazookas ! So if that's your cup of tea you might just prefer her! She is photographed in the shower and her pussy looks fantastic with the water from the shower splashing off it. Hey... I only looked at the photos so I could describe them to you!

Ok... maybe putting them here is just a kind of excuse, but what the hell...

Photos are © Erro (

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Errotica Photos: Nessa in Lovesack and Reflected

Posted on 09/07/2009



It's definately time for some more photos from Erro

Here's two photo sets from the model known as Nessa A rather sultry blonde, lovely long straight dark blonde hair in fact, who looks just as good in her full body shots as well as uber close ups.

No clothes here to worry about, just total nudity set on a bean bag in one photo shoot and in front of a large mirror in the other. As usual Erro pushes the Errotica/Metart boundary as far as he can with stunning photography, presumably using the largest apature he can so in the closeups there's a nice fuzzyness around her face while her pussy is in extreme focus.

Personally I find it tricky holding the camera still enough when focussing on my girlfriends pussy when we make photos. But I'll be damned if I'll let another photographer do it! So I'd better just keep practicing!

Photos are © Erro (

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Models Search now on

Posted on 09/04/2009

My new domain has been online for a couple of days now as the new home for my Webcam Girls Search Engine . As soon as i work out what TiBOD stands for I'll let you know!

Has just shy of 55.5K models in the database(s) now from , ImLive , LiveJasmin and JoYourself . There are too many duplicates between LiveJasmin and JoYourself which I will be fixing soon. When you view a model it will perform an ajax request to try and work out if the model is currently online and if so in a private ot not. I'll be adding this functionality for the other sites just as soon as I've worked out how to do it!

The database isn't currently updating due to the migration to new structure and setup, but should start again in a few days.

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Topless Tuesday is back!!!!

Posted on 09/01/2009



Hopefully it will actually happen this time rather than be cancelled at the last minute like last time. Here's a snippet from the message sent out to models on the 26th:

On "Topless Tuesday", all persons broadcasting on may appear topless while in Free Chat.

That's right- Please feel free to take advantage of this window of opportunity...

Remember- This is topless ONLY, NOT bottomless.



Of course just because the models can be topless in freechat doesn't mean they will get topless? I certainly fucking hope so though

My girlfriend won't be working on tuesday as we're both pretty curious as how it will affect freechat. I'm sure plenty of guys will just make themselves happy watching the near naked girls and if that's the case then maybe this Topless Tuesday won't happen again.

On the other hand many girls seem to be getting topless sometimes regardless these days in free chat to entice us into their chatrooms. I've also seen a fair amount of pussy on show in freechat, so maybe this will just raise the stakes that bit higher and the girls panties that bit lower? Might not be a bad thing...



I've just looked (purely for research purposes of course...) and a model called Otilia is naked apart from white stockings and something resembling a small cushion and she just showed off how much hair she hasn't got around her sweet looking pussy. So maybe if they're allowed to go topless in reality they'll be pratically naked? Login on tuesday to find out...

And oh - here's a couple of piccies of Otilia for your viewing pleasure taken a couple of minutes ago... you'll find them in her profile which you can get to by clicking on any photo model otilia pretty damn naked in freechat 2 minutes model otilia pretty damn naked in freechat 2 minutes ago

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