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Webcam Girl: 19HoTLADY

Posted on 05/26/2009

As I haven't written much here recently i thought I had better some real thought into this one! and hey... I've even captured and put a video for you here! I was in looking on yesterday and for some reason this half naked girl in free chat caught my attention! 19HotLADY


She seemed a bit trigger happy when it came to pasting those pre-defined messages as many girls seem to do, but when she said:


...she really wasn't kidding! Of course joining a girls fanclub as a totally new member is realy win-win for everyone. secret hint of the day when you join a girls fanclub or have your first private with a girl as a new member she makes more money from you! You will then be her Bounty Member . The really good side of it is that girls really do take notice of guys (who's text is) in black because they want you to sign up! anyway... checkout the vid...

She claims she is Brigitta (Brigitta!? really? lol) from London, but hey who knows...! Her profile isn't really worth reading too much unless you want to try and work out how much of it she stole from 22HotBrunette ! So instead here are a couple more of her predefined messages that she kept pasing into her free chat every 20 seconds...

19hotlady: sound,zoom, 5 toys,10 fingers, ANAL,FIST and DP 4 fans,only15 No such file or directory isssssssssss FANCLUB, do it now,JOIN! and OMG price ONLY 1.79!

19hotlady: NEW members to CAMS COM, press the big ADD FUNDS button like you d spank my ass right now and u get 10,join fan for and you see all my nude hawwwt shows FREE ,dont make me wait boysi


Hope you like the photos of her all close up and personal . She seemed pretty sweet in free chat but alas I had no credits for a pvt...

Personally I also really like the photos at the top of her clothes modelling... not often you can have a pvt with a real model model!


Now I've worked out how to create flash videos I'll make sure to create some more and put them here...

OOPS! just realised I had a bug in my new video plugin which I've just fixed, that caused her photos to not show...

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MetArt Photos of Marina C.

Posted on 05/18/2009



Right... while I am more partial to the photography of Erro my girlfriend has two favourite girls from MetArt , the first is Jenya D whose photos I have already posted here and Marina C who is also one of their Top 10 models and a cutie at that...

I am mostly putting these photos here because I have been asked to do it! and anyway she has promised to write a review as soon as she can.

Photos are © MetArt (

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Webcam Girl: CumBaby

Posted on 05/15/2009

Yep... CumBaby on her WebCam , is that a cool name or what! ok... slightly (very ) slutty but there's nothing wrong with that! What? you aren't looking for a webcam girl who is at least a bit slutty!


Slutty on the one hand while rather sweet looking with her long straight blonde hair and fondness (and mine!) for tartan skirts! This is another girl that I have had several pvt's with but I'll say this first... she never actually remembered that I had had a pvt with her before. So either she is forgetfull, doesn't care or is just too silly to use the model interface to add notes and/or look at it!

So in my opinion, she isn't the girl for you if you want a girl to remember all about you and send you messages but she is the girl for you if you want a fucking hot show to make you so hard you'll cum so fast you'll make a mess on the ceiling! (ok... that was pretty crude but I just couldn't think of a more tactfull way of saying it! )


I've never been in her Fan Club and I'm not sure I would join unless she gave a decent discount for Fan Club Members

on her pvt shows, but of course you do get to watch all her recorded shows for free. But... watching a show she gave for another guy is never quite the same as making her do exactly what you want of course!


There's practically no info in her fanclub and her questionaire is empty apart from silly or automated answers, but do we really care? No! There are girls like Julie that I wrote a review of before that you do care about and want to read about (including her rather amusing story!) but with CumBaby you just want to Cum Baby ! (I'm sure I can hear Austin Powers somewhere in the distance...)


So... in some kind of summary... she has toys and she does DP , she looks pretty sweet and yet slutty at the same time. I've spent a load and blown my load several times with this girl and I would do it again...

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Webcam Girl: FallInLove

Posted on 05/14/2009

Finally some free time to write about another web cam model ... I added FallInLove to my ToDo

list a while back... I just think she looks so cute with her puppy dog eyes!


She has ratings of 9.9/10 across for the board for Appearance and Good Show , etc, which is a good starting point! Her profile is a bit empty so I guess she would rather remain an enigma.

Boo! The bad girl hungry wolf here. Do not enter, i am gonna eat you Im so naughty... I cant keep my hands off... of myself.


She doesn't say where she is from, but personally I would place a reasonably large bet on her being Romanian . If she had mentioned being able to speak Italian I would ber 100% certain. Tip of the day... if a model says she is Italian, she is most likely from Romania...

She doesn't seem to use toys in her nude chat's, but all bets are off regarding her pvt's as I haven't had one with her. I'm trying to justify to my girlfriend that I should be allowed to have private's every now and again purely for research purposes! The jury is still out on that one...


She's been voted best Model of the Day 11 times which is not bad. She only has 34 fan club members at the moment, which I find surprising, though maybe not as surprising as that 22HotBrunette now has 600 fan club members! yup! 600 ! I noticed that today.

I'm sure I will have a pvt with FallInLove but I suspect all I might want to do is have a chat... of course I'll ask her to get naked first - I'm not totally stupid!


With eyes so big and cute smile like that I bet her pussy tastes like french vanilla ice-cream ...

Photos are © Streamray, Inc. (

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Errotica Photos from Erro

Posted on 05/10/2009




Some more from Erro as time won't allow me enough time to write another webcam girl review just now. The are pretty hi-res but the ones on his site are UBER hi-res ! I've just found some more of his that I can put online here from MetArt which I'll do later or I might even write another review!

Photos are © Erro (

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Errotica Photos from Erro

Posted on 05/07/2009




Due to total laziness on my part I haven't updated the site for a cople of days so here's a three photo galleries from my favourite photographer Erro . Actually, I haven't been lazy but have just had spare time

I was a member of Metart last year for a few months and downloaded every zip file I could find of Erro . He has his won site now Errotica which these photos are taken from. Hope you enjoy these photos.

Photos are © Erro (

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Webcam Girl: SexyAss (Yep! She has a Sexy Ass!)

Posted on 05/02/2009

A SexyAss ! what else can i say?

This webcam model is really worth writing about. Her name SexyAss is spot on! That amazingly fit body, slender legs, firm breasts and shapely bottom will make anybody crazy. The fact she currently has 257 fan club members only confirms i'm right!

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!

So a little more about her... She says she's Nina, 26 years old and living in Greece. I haven't seen many Greek nodels on at all. She looks more Ukrainian to me but she is very exotic, so maybe Greek? She's been a web cam model for a few years already so must have a lot of experience

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!

I've been in private with this girl quite a few times and also used the Voyeur View feature on to watch her too. I can say she's definitely worth every penny. She's very active in private and has some nice toys. You can see her playing with her pussy , ass and even double pentration . Plus she does it all with a smile and the look of real pleasure on her face. She looks like she's actually enjoying it.

This is what she says herself:

Let me tell you a little secret. I just can not seem to ever get enough. I want more and more and more. Yes, you are right, I am soooooo HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every webcam girl will tell you they are always horny but this time I think she's telling us the truth.

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!

There's one more thing you need to know. She's a hot headed one! So don't make her mad or you will regret it! LOL Her english is very good and even better when it comes to slutty words so don't forget that all the models have a ban button... and they can ban you in a heartbeat if they want to!

By the way... about making webcam girls mad...
my girlfriend often says that the more a guy is nice to her and makes her like him, then the better show she will give and that fucking my brains doesn't get me wet! so remember that! You want a really real show? then be nice!

SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!SexyAss: Ass Ass Baby!

You must know of 22HotBrunette by now, who says:

You can fuck my pussy you can fuck my ass...But do not fuck my brains!

So be nice and have fun!

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Finally... a couple of Hi-Res Jenya D Galleries

Posted on 05/01/2009



I've got a whole bunch of photo galleries that I need to put online here (for free of course) so I finally got off my lazy arse and wrote the photo gallery code.

Click on the photos on the left for the galleries. I'll try and add one new gallery per day to try and build up the content on the site.

Hell... I might even write the feedback code soon so you can add comments!

Photos are © MetArt (

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